Which Type Are You In A Crisis?

There are 3 main types of people in a crisis:

Those who panic and act selfishly, stupidly or cluelessly

My years of nursing on the front line taught me that. And it could happen to anyone. I’ve jolted a few doctors in my time who were losing the plot, rummaging through the pages of their medical bible as people were facing imminent death. I’ve also seen terrible injuries through misadventures that were completely avoidable had just a titter of wit entered the equation. Everyone has these moments occasionally but some never seem to learn.

More recently, those stockpiling food, toilet rolls whilst showing blatant disregard for any sort of precautionary measures. I’ve watched news reports from around the world of beatings, stockpiling guns and shocking revelations of doom and gloom from around the world. Our world media is at best irresponsible, at worst; guilty of manslaughter. We know it’s bad: why fan the flames when so many people are clearly close to the edge?

There are those who cope and soldier on through

These are people who fully understand the dangers/risks involved and are inwardly fearful based on the facts they have. However, they are generally able to hold their shit together during a crisis and do what needs to be done…to probably hold on until they can deal with it later. These are the troopers, and the large majority of front line care staff fall into this category.

This may well be you right now if you are managing family, work, finance, health, logistic and mental issues in this perfect storm. Those who take one step at a time to navigate their way through. As Winston Churchill once said: “If you’re going through hell: keep going.”

Then there are those who thrive

There is no question that some people really step up in a crisis. These are often unsung heroes with very different skill sets to those in the other two categories. For these people a crisis is another opportunity to really step up and do something meaningful. Right now, many of these people are dealing with issues that make most of us embarrassed to compare our own issues with theirs. Such people also offer us perspective.

I know that many have suffered due to The Corona Virus. The world will never be the same again. However, if you live through it you will be stronger. 

The question then is: will you be better for it?

And if that answer doesn’t involve some sort of appreciation for life and what’s really important, then it could be a bumpy ride.

Reconnecting with a lot of my friends from my nursing days has inspired me to do my little bit to help, because I know they are up against it right now.

It is my intention to help in any way I can. For this reason, I’ll be sharing support and easy to do, immunity boosting exercises via online calls. If you know anyone who is struggling right now and want to give them something a little more hopeful, please send them to my website, where they can sign up for the free invites. You never know; it may even work for you!

But you will only know for sure if you give it a go

So which category will you be spending your time in for the next few weeks? Only time will tell.



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