adam ahaw

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Since as long as I can remember, I’ve questioned my reason to be here. Our current world crisis has made me rethink my entire business, life and purpose on the planet. More recently I discovered the fascinating world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.


I have always had a taste for something new and continued challenge. This trait has led me onto many different paths. From a career spanning catering, banking, counselling, nursing, training, networking and funding, to a keen sense of adventure that has seen me spend over 6 years overseas in 6 different continents, where I lived and worked in 4 of them.

New experiences, innovations and challenges have always been a part of my DNA.

Since the world Covid crisis started it made me spend a lot of time reflecting on how I want to spend my remaining time on this planet and the answer was ultimately: to do some good and make the world a better place. 

I do this through building a blockchain ecosystem to make the next generation of technology understandable and accessible to all.


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