The One Thing You Can Change

The One Thing You Can Change

Social isolation has brought up a lot of stuff for a lot of people. From our new societal penchant for toilet roll to the mass fear of impending doom; everyone will be challenged with the new world that we find ourselves in.

There are certain things that you cannot change

The virus, global panic, the handling of the crisis up until now and your own actions up until this point are amongst some of them. Other people’s reactions and beliefs will likely be occupying a lot of time for many right now. Add a healthy mix of conspiracy theories and poor leadership by several countries and we have a perfect storm.

There is one thing you can change

Put simply: your mind. What you choose to think about becomes your reality. I’m pretty sure most people appreciate that the world is in crisis right now. This is because we are living in a lunatic asylum, as I have been saying for years. Whilst a smattering of world leaders have risen well to the challenge, many have not. However, it is your choice in this moment to either blame others for why life is not looking quite so rosy, or take control of your thoughts for the benefit of yourself and those around you.

With blame comes pain

How about starting from the point of: all of us are guilty of something in allowing the world to get worse in our lifetimes. We all have regrets and we all could be doing a better job at being responsible for the state of the planet for future generations. However, the current swiftness of change has led a lot of people directly to survival mode. Ironically, this could be the best thing to happen for anyone who was homeless before the virus happened.

Shit happens

We are in it whether we like it or not, and now is your time to decide which way you choose to direct your thoughts. It’s ok to be angry. Anger can be a very motivating force when used wisely. The first step of using anger wisely is to take yourself away from the source. If that source is your own mind playing out a situation that you can currently do little about: this is common, and a major source of ongoing stress. You can think yourself ill.

Right now, there are 3 big universal sources of major stress: the people you are living with, the news, and social media. If your friends or family are reacting badly, that will impact you. So if you are in a country that is not on full lockdown, it’s a good idea to take your daily exercise allowance and go for a walk. As you do that, slow down your breathing as you walk and focus on the question: What can I do to improve the situation? Insight and calm will come as you walk focusing only on this question. You can also think yourself better, increasing your immunity as you do it.

Only through calming your mind will you find a better way

Your thoughts control your mood, which impacts your immune system. Whatever challenges you are facing right now I’m offering you a chance to unplug from them for long enough to calm your mind into a better direction and state of understanding, immunity, and harmony. 

If you need some easily-implementable steps to help with that I’ll be running some free online sessions to give you a few useful mental exercises and answer any questions that you may have. Just sign up in the box at the top, right-hand side of the page and I’ll keep you updated >>>

Ps. If you are wondering what the catch is, here it is: I just need 1 packet of toilet roll when I go on my weekly shop. I ask that you feel better after one of my sessions, you do not raid the shelves for supplies before I get there. Do that and the only shit that you’ll have to deal with on the calls is that which I talk about which you may not yet believe!


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