What Happens When You Become Suicidal? Interview With Rob Goddard

During my nursing days I looked after a lot of people who had taken overdoses. After talking this through with them it usually translates as a cry for help. However, those who are most likely to kill themselves will often never tell anyone.


The number of women who killed themselves in 2015 reached a 20-year high. There were 3,899 rulings of suicide in coroners’ courts in 2015, according to figures released by the Ministry of Justice – more than for any 12-month period since 1995, when the data series began. While the number of men found to have killed themselves fell to 2,997, 23 fewer than in 2014, the number of women increased by 70 to 902.


This very serious topic was addressed in a refreshingly light way by Rob Goddard.


When he told me his story the first time he was able to laugh about it. So much so that we disturbed the meetings in the rooms around us. In this very frank account, Rob explains how he was ready to end it all after his life collapsed, and only an incredible turn of fate gave him another chance.


Rob is one of life’s truly charismatic personalities and in my interview with him he covers how he became suicidal, what he did about it, and how he turned his life around.



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You can get Rob’s book on Amazon via this link. All profits go to charity.

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