Adam Shaw Interviews Dr John Demartini about Heart Health and Love

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Adam Shaw Interviews Dr John Demartini about Heart Health


I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to interview Dr John Demartini, whose slant on heart health really encompasses the broader issues to do with our emotional, mental and spiritual health, beyond just the treatment of the physical symptoms. In this interview he offers his opinion…



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Transcript of the interview:


Hello there I am Adam Shaw. I am the heart guy and I am very privileged to be here today with Dr. John Demartini. Hello John and thank you for joining me


Thank you


I would just like to say to anyone that hasn’t met you how would you describe yourself and what you do?


Well I am an educator and I travel the world and I do whatever I can to help people live magnificent lives. I have been involved in teaching out for forty years and I just, I research, I write, I travel, I teach and that’s what I love doing and so you know, you can see me either on a plane or you can see in a hotel or you can see me speaking somewhere and I do everything I can to help people live magnificent lives. That is what I am inspired by


So you really are someone that encapsulates what it is like to live by your heart rather than you head, what does that mean for you?


Well I think that I have been blessed to be able to integrate my mind and my heart in that respect and I do believe that if you are inspired by your life, your heart guides the path, guides the way and so yes I feel that I, I do what I love and I love what I do and I accumulate the wish of the heart along the way and I love helping people live inspired lives so yes, the heart is the corner stone of my work because I do believe that there is ultimately nothing but love and all else is illusion.


What would you say is the biggest barrier to people living by their hearts because I think Western world can be very head orientated.


Well I think when we have unrealistic expectations on ourselves, on the people around us or in the world in general, we hold ourselves back from being grateful and gratitude is the key that opens up the gateway of heart and inside the heart is thank you and love you and when we are not ready we shut down the heart and so having balanced orientation and realistic expectations but not ones that are realistic in the sense of limits but realistic in the sense of what is inspiring to us that we are willing to go after really accomplish in life. If we do, we are great in what we achieve and our heart opens and we say thank you. I think, I have asked people by the millions, how many of you if you had only twenty four hours to live, what would you do with your life? And they say I would go to the people that contributed in my life and say thank you I love you so really the ultimate priority is to live by heart.


That is a fabulous advice. A lot of people I speak to especially people who have had heart attacks, they say yes but you don’t know what it is like to live with this women or you don’t know what it is like to have the job that I have, the need to pay bills, what do you say to those people? Who feel stuck in this head space?


Well it’s never when happens to that really counts what you decide to do with it and how you perceive it and if you ask when you said a question you get a new life. The quality of our life is based on the quality of questions you are asking. If you ask the question why is this happening to me, you know why don’t you change or whatever you are not going to get anywhere. If you ask how is this helping me fulfill my mission on earth, how has it helped me fulfill what is most meaningful in my life? How is it helping me become a greater being, help me love more, how to be more inspired and more magnificent in my life, you then awake in the new perspective and you ended up thankful and as we know that when we grateful we open the heart.


I think that is brilliant advice for anybody out there. What would you say to a child? To a five year old child who is asking you, Dr. Demartini, what is it that you do? How do you explain it to, to the younger generation?


Well I help people find out what is deeply inside their heart and help bring out the surface so their mind can see it and then they can go out and achieve it because I believe that the wisdom of the mind and the love of the heart are joined together philosophically and practically we live the most extraordinary life that we can live.


And what was your break, you have run the breakthrough experience, just to everybody that, what was your biggest breakthrough, what was the thing that really turned your career, your path?


Well I was a tooled in first grade that I would never be able to read or write or communicate or go very far in life and ended up as a teenager living on the street. And eventually living in enchant in Hawaii and I nearly died and a lovely lady found me in my tent. And if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be here. But right after that I had the opportunity to be led to go to a little top by an elderly gentleman and that gentleman in one hour with his message that one night, he opened up the new doorway for me. He helped me realize that I could be someday maybe intelligent and then I could do something more extraordinary with my life and he helped inspire me to do what I am doing today. Since that night, that is all I want to do, to do the same thing for other people so yeah that was a turning point in my life. He opened my heart that night and helped me capture a vision of inspiration that has been with me now for forty years and it is nothing more meaningful to me than do that for the people so that is why I do this pretty well everyday in my life.


How true would you say it was the statement that if you haven’t had enough pleasure or passion in your life then you haven’t had enough pain, is that true?


Well I always say that pain and pleasure are two sides of the single coin and when you can embrace both of them equally at the same moment, you can transcend them and I define love as the synthesis from synchronicity of these complimentary opposites of pain, pleasure compliment and when you can embrace both of them and embrace the life that way, you can have the greatest love in life. But if you are searching for one side of magnet, like the one side of coin, you are going to first trade yourself. I will say that by polar condition is a byproduct of mono polar addiction. The addiction of one side splits us apart but the embracing of both sides opens our heart. When we can actually know that we don’t have to get rid of half of ourselves nor to love ourselves and we can open our heat to both sides, we have the most magnificent life.


What would you say was the biggest cause of heart attacks? What would be the reason from your perspective?


Well I think that the number one factor in heart attacks, when you are not living by your highest value, the thing that is most meaningful and inspiring to you, when you can say thank you I love you to yourself and the world around you, you are unfulfilled and when you are unfulfilled you look for meeting gratification to compensate for it and then meeting gratification usually costs us our life. And I would that heart attack is a feedback mechanism to try to get us to be the most authentic, most open hearted and most loving and grateful beings we can be and if we don’t learn the lesson by our own intuitive or physiologic self regulation and feedback then we end up having to get it through a pretty good jolt which maybe the heart attack of life. So I would say that if we are able to love, it would be grateful for lives, our physiology lets us know and it gives us amazing life. If not, it creates our symptoms to guide us back to the truth of love and be authentic.


That is very powerful. To anybody watching this what is one tip that you would give them right now that they can take for watching this video and integrate immediately into their life to get more in touch with their heart.


Well one of the things that I, I was born on thanks giving day in America and my mom when I was four years old said, before you go to bed son make sure you count your blessings because those who are grateful for what they have, they get more of what they are grateful for. Every book I ever, ever read, every talk I have ever presented you will find the concept of gratitude in it so I think if we were to take the time to write now, each night what you are grateful for, for each day and don’t go to bed until you have made it to your gratitude for what you did get accomplished. It doesn’t matter whether you have been supported or challenged or whether it has been positive or negative or kind of cool things in life. No matter what there is, it is something that can give you an insight, it can help you in your life because it is all on the way not in the way. It is all instructive not obstructive. It is always helping you, life is always helping you become a master of your destiny not a victim of your history. By identifying what it is you are grateful for everyday, you just increase the odds of having an open heart, living a life that you love and be able to say thank you for your existence and when you do that, you share an exemplifying shine that before others and help other people get permission to do the same.


Fabulous, now you run an experience called the break through experience, would you like to share what that is to the people watching this video, just so they can get an idea of why they should get one?


Well I just mentioned a moment ago that I met this amazing teacher when I was seventeen years old, forty years ago and he changed my life and ever since that night when I met him, I have a dream to do the same thing for other people. To help people live magnificent life. I really am blessed to have a magnificent life today. I travel the world, I meet amazing people, I get to do amazing things, I get to go to amazing places and I really believe that everybody deserves that and I really believe that you can do that. I do bless to teach now the break through experience for over twenty years and I am absolutely certain that the tools, the methods, the principles, the ideas and the experience that you get out of this program can help you take your life to a whole new level. It can help you say thank you for your life on a daily basis. It help you get clear about your values, what inspires you what you love to create your life and it gives you the tools on how to do it. It will show you how to shed the baggage and all the stuff that keeps you from opening your heart and be able to open your heart and say thank you and the deem or cheem method which is a method that I share in that program which is so profound will show you how to literally live by an open heart. So you can say with an unconditional love thank you for yourself, thank you for the world, thank you for the life that you have to live and you will learn something near that you could not learn in your life going through life. It is lie standing on the shoulders of giants and not living in the shadows of anyone. If you like to stand on the shoulders and go for a bigger demon life then make sure you come to break through experience. It is a twenty four hours of me, it is a summary of everything I have learned in last forty years on helping people live magnificent life and I want to do for you what that gentleman did for me because my life is changed in one hour with one message at one night and I know that can happen to you *


Dr. Demartini thank you so much from heart and I just like to thank you for joining me for this interview.


Thank you


And for everyone out there, as you probably know for me now, be healthier be happier and have some fun along the way.


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