2 Minute Heart Health Tip: Lose Guilt

2 Minute Heart Health Tip: Lose Guilt


In this video I explore a word that doesn’t even exist in the Tibetan language: Guilt. The closest thing that they have is remorse! Guilt has been invented to cause unnecessary suffering. Do what you want and balance it with something healthy…



Guilt has been a common factor in every single person that I ever spoke to that had just had a heart attack. I am not advocating habits that may be deemed by some experts as unhealthy. I am just saying that most smokers know that smoking may not be particularly healthy for them but are not yet ready to give it up. By introducing a healthy habit, like 5 minutes of extra walking for every cigarette smoked, you can use every not so good habit to create a healthy one.


Through this balancing act you can literally use every habit that you have to associate to something healthy. By doing this it is possible to offset guilt and have significantly less stress in your life. This will dramatically reduce your risk of a heart attack.


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