Interview With Jerry Jampolsky

Interview With Jerry Jampolsky.


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Dr. Jerry Jampolsky, a child and adult psychiatrist, is the founder of Attitudinal Healing and the first model Center for Attitudinal Healing in 1975 in Tiburon, California. Dr. Diane Cirincione, a therapist and private entrepreneur, joined Dr. Jampolsky in 1981 and together they work in affiliation with the independent Centers and Groups for Attitudinal Healing located on five continents.


Who is Jerry Jampolsky?



What is Attitudinal Healing?



What Inspired You Towards Attitudinal Healing?



Should Health Experts Take Their Own Advice?



Is Balance The Key?



What Are The First Steps Towards Healing?



How Important is Fun in The Healing Process?



How Do You Listen With Love?



What are Some of the Principles of Attitudinal Healing?



Give An Example Of Attitudinal Healing.



Are Those Who Challenge Us Really Our Best Friends?



What Is Love?



The Importance Of Not Making Judgements.



More on Judgement.



When My Father-in-Law Got Cancer.



How Do You Help Someone Who Is Dying?



What is The Cause of Disease?



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