This Is Your Wake-Up Call…

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Signs that you need to wake-up quickly include the following:

  • A growing sense that something is missing in your life
  • Increasing symptoms of disconnect from your family
  • A sense you are the black sheep in this environment
  • A lack of fulfilment in your current work and life situation
  • An increasing feeling that the world is going mad
  • Thinking that you can’t do anything to influence any of the above
  • A growing tendency towards depression

But what does waking-up really mean?

I could hit you with dictionary definitions here, or I could share a story.

I’ll do the latter.

Back in 2009 I was at a training programme to be a better public speaker.

Here I met Sidra, an evolving psychic with an incredible ability to connect to the world of spirit.

Her ability to tap into the bigger picture of even the most challenging life circumstances was incredible.

She was an attendee on the programme with big confidence issues at the time.

Because she had a gift that her family did not yet understand.

She could see through bullshit and glean wisdom from a higher vibration.

I witnessed her improve many lives and explain many different topics at great length.

We would develop a close friendship and strong bond over the next decade.

She could connect with spirit guides and a world which most people will never acknowledge or believe in.

I watched her go from confused and doubtful of her own abilities to being an international speaker, trainer and author.

Her insights and results would speak for themselves.

She went on to work with tens of thousands of people on their spiritual and psychic development.

I listened to her for thousands of hours and shared many fun moments with her.

Tragically, she died in 2020.

I did not spend any time with her for the last 2 years of her life as I was not ready to wake up.

Because the truth was too painful at the time.

And I was well immersed in my victim story.

Not that I would acknowledge this at the time.

She wrote a book, created several courses and ran several events, many of which I was lucky enough to attend.

Her course was called The Awakening.

She also recorded many podcasts and videos about what she did and how she could help people.

Her key lessons are summarised in her book.

My key takeouts were slightly different, as I highlight below:

  1. Most of us live life asleep to our spiritual selves and need to evolve. The main lesson in life is realising that most of us are asleep and it’s our purpose to wake up to our true reason for being here, which we chose before our birth (please note that it’s not necessary for you to know or believe this yet!)
  2. We are born with 2 families: Our blood family and our spirit family. A big part of your purpose in life is to discover and connect with your spirit family.
  3. Your best friends, mentors and teachers will likely risk offending you if you are not yet on the right path. It’s easy to fall out with your wake-up facilitators. Sharing higher-level truth is not liked by most people. The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off!
  4. Keeping a strong sense of humour is a great ally when navigating this path. Being able to find humour in even your darkest moments is the gift that keeps giving. 
  5. Be your own guru: the constant pursuit to higher wisdom can make you dependent on others to cause your awakening, and sustain it. However, all of this wisdom is within you. Your life path is having the confidence to not only listen to it, but to act upon it.

Your friends will change, as will your family.

Working with energy in this regard operates in a simple way…

People are either drains or radiators.

Staying connected to those who drain your energy stops you from connecting to those who could radiate you.

Those who radiate you are likely your friends already.

Real friends are those who are prepared to risk pissing you off when you start to lose the plot.

And not just pander to your victim story, however justified it may sound.

A victim story has a place. 

It’s designed to amplify the pain in your life until you are ready to wake up.

I know Sidra is still with me, working from the other side.

And now I have awakened.

It’s just unfortunate that she had to die for that to happen.

But better energy, connection are just a decision away from all of us.

And even after decades of perceived suffering, that could change in an instant upon waking up.

And to help you I’ll be releasing insights, and sending you invites to events to connect with your family of light.

With the aim of waking you up.

Hopefully I won’t have to die just yet for that to happen!

So, if you are looking to feel better and connect with more radiators in your life, sign up to my newsletter and join me at one of my events, and I’ll keep it as simple and fun as I can for you.





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