How To Survive Your Family At Christmas

How To Survive Your Family At Christmas


This Christmas I’m looking forward to spending it with my family. It will be the first time I will spend it with both of my parents in almost 30 years. This is progress of how things have changed for me. Much as I love them, there will almost certainly be moments of high drama sparked by a poorly timed comment or behaviour.With two nephews of 12 and 13 this is almost inevitable. Consequently, spending such time with my family can be both rewarding and challenging. For this reason I have refined a few techniques over the years and offer them to you in this video.


When I conduct training programmes, whether in resilience, business confidence or people skills, many attendees feel they have a good handle on managing things at work. However, this often doesn’t translate to harmonious dynamics at home. So many people are very ordered and structured in one area, and not so much in the other.


In addressing things that can cause disharmony and stress at home it is possible to increase your productivity and happiness at work. My experience in counselling people leads me to believe that Christmas with family can be a minefield for many.


Weight and sleep issues are often exacerbated by this dynamic.


In this video I look at what you can do if you sense an argument brewing with your family this Christmas…



If you have any family issues that need to be dealt with but you are not currently able to do this on your own, contact me and I can help you.


Otherwise, I wish you a very merry Christmas indeed.

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