Your One Minute Wellbeing Miracle Awaits…

Your One Minute Wellbeing Miracle Awaits…


What is a miracle?


According to it is:
“An event that cannot be explained according to the laws of nature and is considered to be an act of God.


a. something extremely lucky that would not normally be possible


b. an excellent achievement or example of something”


For the intention of this post I am going to encourage you to only focus on a. and b. for this miracle.
If you want to increase your wellbeing and achieve something next year that you would not previously have thought possible, which would be an excellent achievement, this video may well help you to do that easily…



You are invited to post your commitment for one minute below and I will follow you up in a few months to see how you are getting on.


To lead the way, I commit to (at least) one minute of exercise and meditation a day.


Feel free to share your own and why not invite a friend to join you – that way you can share the journey…

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