Lunatic Mentors and Being a Bit of a Dick

Having the right friends and mentors in your life is essential in business and life

My earliest mentors were patients in a lunatic asylum. My favourite patient was a wise man. Interestingly he had worked for the British Secret Service as a spy during the second world war. I found out years later that he was admitted for shooting his wife in the head. My dad clearly didn’t think this was a problem!

I was given some wise advice by lunatics as there is a freedom after judgement on the other side of the psychiatric divide. These days it’s up to my best friends to straighten me out when I go rogue. This is a role I take with my own friends and clients.

If someone gets offended by hearing tough love then they are in for a tough life

In today’s video I ramble my thoughts on the subject and wonder how many people lose out on massive personal development opportunities because they only want to hear nice things from their friends and mentors.



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