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Are You Really Ready To Look Into Your Life?

If you find yourself here it’s because I have sent you. This page cannot be found without a private link from me, as it’s not something I make public. This is because it’s a heavy-duty process that requires a lot of honesty, introspection and commitment. Also, it needs a lot of pre-qualification from me. Most people who think they are ready often are not. This is because in many cases not changing is easier than doing the often hard work involved to get the results. Because of this, most people will not have enough pain in their lives to motivate themselves to open the Pandora’s Box that must be unleashed in order to inspire positive change.

Everybody Has A Life Crisis

Unfortunately, having worked as a nurse with the terminally ill I know the sort of soul searching questions that everyone will have who lives to old age. For some it happens after a relationship split, the death of a loved one or a life crisis. The Corona aspect of life has jolted the world into it’s biggest crisis in my lifetime, and many have had to re-evaluate their lives because of it.

I know this space well and also understand that pain can be used positively if understood and channelled into positive change. When you know that your life has to change, this form will help you.

Life Overhaul Form

And if you still want to have a chat after, you are welcome to contact me and I will help you to find out whether you are ready. Because not many really are! Also, this is no longer my primary focus so I am extremely selective of who I take on. If you are not feeling a high level of motivation to change, please do not contact me about this.

If you are feeling highly motivated, you can contact me at 

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