You Know What’s keeping You Awake: It’s Your Sleep And Wake Up Call

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What keeps you awake?

If you have a sleep problem you already know this: because whatever it is is consuming your thoughts right now. The more stressful your current challenge is; the more likely it is that you can’t sleep properly.

This is a normal response

Your body and mind have not yet learned to distinguish a threat to your mental health from a threat to your life. Thoughts of unhappiness are translated into a threat to your life by your body’s stress response.

Things you will likely experience are

Because of the adrenaline rush you get when under stress you will experience some or all of the following symptoms:

  • Irritability with those around you
  • Appetite fluctuation (from feeling not hungry at all to binge eating at other times)
  • Frustration: which can usually be felt by those you interact with
  • High anxiety levels – uncertainty + adrenaline can be a scary place to be, often leading to feelings of hopelessness
  • A dark tunnel with no apparent light at the end of it (it’s very easy to get lost in your thoughts as all considered options seem to lead to nowhere good)

This is your wake-up call

In this video I explain more


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