How To Approach An Investor

Do you know how to approach an investor?

Whether you are looking for funding yourself or want to work as an introducer in the funding world, it is a busy market where many people are making the same mistakes. The transition for me from job to entrepreneur was interesting.

When I first left nursing I had no idea what I was doing in the world of business

When I entered the world of investment I thought it would be a really good idea to meet as many investors as I could and ask them for help. I wanted to know what they were looking for, how they like to be approached and had many amusing conversations talking about approaches that were never going to work.

As a result of this, I built relationships with some key figures in the world of funding

I did manage to leverage my relationships to get people through the door and then started my next phase of realisation: most people will inevitably talk themselves out of funding because they are unprepared for meetings with investors.

Common pitfalls are: talking too much, not answering the question(s) asked, and thinking that changing the answer to talk about what they want, rather than what was actually asked for was a good idea.

Consequently I decided to add a critical stage to my strategy: preparing people for their pitch/initial meeting with investors

As an introducer in the investment world nothing will ruin your key relationships faster than sending a lot of unqualified prospects to your investment network who inevitably waste time and do not appreciate the opportunity you have given them. Then there’s the other tough one: those who think that they do not need help, training or feedback to get funding, despite it being clear to almost everyone else that they do!

These factors were difficult to manage during my bumpy initiation into the world of funding, but fortunately, I now have a way to find who is ready and who isn’t before I introduce anyone to my funding network

If you are not getting funded with your current approach(es) then it’s probably a result of you not knowing how to approach investors. If that is you then it will probably be in your interests to find out what most investors are looking for, and how you can tip the balance in your favour.

If you want to know whether you are pitch ready to approach investors then contact me or come along to one of my pitch workshops, and I’ll test your pitch for you.

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