Gary Speed, Suicide and What Happens When You’re Suicidal

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Gary Speed, Suicide and What Happens When You’re Suicidal.


Gary Speed’s recent death has brought the very taboo subject of suicide into the public domain. This subject is not one that people talk about very often. However, having faced this void, lost friends to suicide and looked after hundreds of people who took overdoses, I offer you my reflections on the subject. What happens to you when you feel suicidal?



It is almost impossible to know if someone is suicidal, unless you have a psychic talent. It is also a very common thing if you have not been getting the message of your heart. Suicidal thoughts are your heart’s last communication to your head that something needs to change in your life quickly or you will be dead. Your heart is always communicating to your head and suicidal thoughts are your last chance saloon to either breakthrough and make the changes in your life that you know need to happen, or die.


If you choose not to live then everyone who ever loved you will suffer and you will leave a gap in their lives. However bad things are, there is always someone out there who will listen and help.


Gary Speed’s suicide was a tragic event. He clearly did not have as much going for him as most of the world thought. It only goes to show how vulnerable the human spirit can be when you are not in tune with the needs of your heart. It also offers a powerful lesson that having a nice amount of money, seemingly lovely family and vast network of loving and supportive friends and family is not always enough.


There is more to life than material wealth, having a family and doing a job that others perceive is very good. When your heart speaks and tells you that something isn’t working, whether that is your job, your relationship or your life in general, it is time to open yourself up to new possibilities, hold tight, weather the storm and wait for the calm at the other side. This takes time, patience and trust.


I would welcome your thoughts on this very emotive and usually taboo topic. Feel free to have your say below…


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