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Are you feeling lost, confused, scared, overwhelmed or angry?

The recent world crisis has led to many people’s lives being turned upside down. If you are experiencing stress about business, money, jour job, your family, the future or what your next step is; you are definitely not alone. This can cause weight issues and sleep issues – the more noticeable effects when this happens.

Between confusing messages from some World Leaders, changes in the world, loss of friends and loved ones, social distancing, surges for toilet roll and global panic: there has never been a time in recent history where there was more fear, sadness and stress in the world. Add social media to the mix, our new wave of keyboard experts and fear-mongering warriors and you have all of the conditions for a perfect stress storm. If this has not affected you yet: consider yourself lucky! 

Everybody has a mental health problem at some stage in their life: but only some are prepared to admit it!

Stress and fear are the fastest way to reduce your mental health, immunity and quality of life

If you’re feeling stressed, it’s like its own virus. First, it infects you, then spreads to those who are closest to you (usually your family) and then starts to infect your friends. It can also start a downward spiral into feelings of hopelessness, sadness and despair.

And that’s just the start of the problem

Longer exposure will eventually have the same effect on those closest to you and eventually, make you toxic to your friends impacting every area of your life. This can either manifest in finding things to do all of the time (which may or may not be necessary or important) or doing absolutely nothing (where you may not even want to get out of bed each day). Having ups and downs where great surges of energy happen sometimes and no motivation strikes at others is normal in this zone. You start to question yourself about whether you are on the right path, in the right job, in the right relationship, doing the right thing, and the list goes on.

I witnessed this many times during my time as a nurse and counsellor and have been through it myself

It was often a major health crisis that sparked such thoughts: strokes, heart attacks and cancer were common facilitators of this slippery slope. Often this was preceded by a feeling of being trapped in a job or relationship where the love had gone. Money issues can certainly contribute to this state of mind, yet I have seen it as prevalent in those who have plenty as well.

And in all cases, there is a big issue with at least one close family member (mother, father, brother, sister, son or daughter). Money does not protect you from a mental health crisis and neither does a loving family, which is why mental health issues usually seem to come out of the blue. But the fact is that they brew up over time and not talking about them is the biggest cause of them escalating.

If your mental health is on a slippery slope: it will eventually affect your physical, emotional and spiritual health

Like a car (unless of course you still have a Robin Reliant); when one tyre goes, the other three will not last long. This will not only lead to your own misery: it will infect those who love you faster than any virus, thus affecting their immunity. Whilst you may not even care what happens to you, there will be those around you who will spend the rest of their lives affected by what you do next. 

So what can you do about it?

The good news is that there is a 5-day process that can help you to feel better

The changes in your life will be down to how much of your time and energy you invest in the process. But you will almost certainly feel better at the end of it (barring any unforeseen acts of nature). This is because I have worked with thousands of people who have been in this place and know it from past experience. Knowing the early warning symptoms and seeking help is the difference between a serious medical problem or not. Luckily, so far I have avoided these because I knew the early warning symptoms and had the support network to navigate my way out of it. 

This includes people who have just had strokes, heart attacks, cancer diagnoses and life crises. Loss of a loved one, ending of a long-term relationship, redundancy, financial meltdown are all areas that I have helped people through. And just to add to the mix: I have been there and done this process for myself which gives me experiential knowledge to already add to over 25 years of experience in helping people to feel better.

I have helped thousands of people to navigate their way from crappy to happy!

What you will learn on this adventure:

Day 1: Work out where you are: Feeling shit can be a very motivating force, and it’s good to feel it (Crappy). We will cover the two building blocks of every problem in your life, and how your emotions are a guidance system. Sometimes it is necessary to have things get worse before they get better. The biggest breakthroughs are often triggered by breakdowns – or something close to this. Your emotions are energy in motion and can be harnessed to take risks that you would otherwise not be motivated to take. This session is to feel where you are and redirect that energy towards positive change.

Day 2: Get rid of some of the junk in your life: the benefits of cutting out some negative influences  (Not so Crappy). Here we will cover what is currently causing your biggest challenges and work out what you can do something about and ways to limit the damage of those that you can’t.

Day 3: Know what you want more of: the power of positive goals, mood and focus (The Middle Ground). This session will address setting your focus in a way that empowers your thinking to head in the right direction and get you moving towards a better place. It will also offer you strategies to help you to feel better and more aligned towards more happiness in your life.

Day 4: Simple things you can do easily to feel better (Happier). Here we will be building upon the progress of the first three days and layering actions that empower your thinking to stay in the higher energy zone more often. We also cover some of the challenges that you will face in maintaining your momentum along the way.

Day 5: Navigating Life’s rollercoaster of emotions: understanding that life will always deal you ups and downs: and knowing how to manage this in the future (Happy). This is consolidation day. It is not what you know, but your ownership of these concepts that will dictate your progress beyond this course. We shall also highlight pathways you can take to stay in a more positive zone moving forward. 

If you aren’t feeling great right now, things will likely get worse. So why not find out more about a proven path that will move you from crappy to happy?

You will require an open mind. The good news is that the more your life is not working right now, the more likely it is that you will get better results from this process. Even though each session is for an hour, you have access to ask any questions that you may have in between each session. You have 5 days of continued support in order to make the most of this opportunity.

Time and experience has indicated that free courses will not motivate the required actions to get the best results. This is an investment in yourself so that you can focus your mind and actions accordingly.

My style is fun and you will need your sense of humour…because Monty Python were right about a lot of things, especially about looking on the Bright Side of Life!


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