Do Your Family Have The Lunatic Gene at Christmas?

Do Your Family Have The Lunatic Gene at Christmas?


If Christmas may not always go 100% smoothly, flowing with Christmas cheer and love for all. I have spent much of my life studying this phenomenon, one which I believe is due to The Lunatic Gene.



After sitting on a book script for over 2 years I have finally decided to release on 1st January 2015. If you are reading this and it’s not yet the 7th Jan 2015 then you are eligible to download this from Amazon for free. I will release “The Lunatic Gene, The Reason Your Life Will Never Make Sense” on the 1st January 2015. If you would like immediate access to the download link then go to and leave your name and email address. I will give you a free chapter of the book where I talk about my own close call with death and how it affected my leif. More importantly, I will also be talking about how this can help you to avoid the mistakes almost everybody makes at the end of their life.


Wishing you a very merry Christmas.





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