Bruce King Talks About Selling, His Triple Heart Bypass and Grandpa Super Bear

Bruce King Talks About Selling and His Triple Heart Bypass


Bruce King is a UK based sales and marketing consultant, keynote conference speaker, sales master class presenter, sales trainer and business mentor to the SME with 35 + years experience in sales, marketing and strategic business planning, initially as an employee with several companies and thereafter as owner manager of my own businesses.


In 1993 he was commissioned by BBC Books to write a book for them. ‘Psycho-Selling- How To Double Your Income From Sales In 8 Weeks’, was published by the BBC in 1994 and was translated into several languages. It rapidly became an international best seller and launched his career as a conference speaker and sales master class presenter.


Since then he has written several other best selling books including Double Your Sales (Financial Times) and produced numerous business tools, details of which are available on his website.



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