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Before my first birthday my parents moved me in to the grounds of a psychiatric hospital, where they lived and worked. Here I spent the next 17 years of my life witnessing what went on within this environment, and would eventually work as a nurse myself for over 13 years.

I use the term The Lunatic Gene as the thoughts and beliefs that either inspire people to do great things despite the criticisms and opinions of others, and others to get ill and do seemingly crazy things because of them.

When I was about 10 years of age at the hospital annual fireworks night I watched a man walk into a bonfire.

This spectacle started my quest to find out whether there is a lunatic gene. This book is the amalgamation of me growing up in this environment and witnessing some strange things, allied with my professional medical experience of working with those who had serious health issues, others who were staring death in the face, and people who had been clinically dead, and then resuscitated back to life. I often wondered why someone would walk into a fire and kill themselves so terribly, whether there were any warning symptoms, and what I could have done to stop this from happening. After over 30 years of searching, this book is the best answer I have answer.

In the introduction, which you can download for free on the link below, I also tell the story of how a near death experience of going off road and rolling down a mountain in South Africa was instrumental in my quest of discovery into this phenomenon.


If you read the book you will discover:

  • Why not listening to your heart will kill you early
  • How to understand your heart’s true message
  • What you can do now to easily feel better
  • How to stop people from pressurising you
  • Why your friends and relatives get ill and what you can do to help them
  • The wake up call that most people do not get until they are staring death in the face
  • The deadly mistakes that many people make in their lives
  • How to change your thoughts to reduce your pain and improve your life
  • The relationship between your head and your heart
  • How you can stop bullies from affecting you
  • What is really important in your life – and what is not
  • The early causes of disease that most doctors do not even think to warn you about
  • Why I believe that we live in a lunatic asylum
  • Why most people wander aimlessly through life and then suffer as they stare death in the face
  • What you can do to stop yourself being one of these statistics, and improve your life now

You can download the introduction and first chapter free at http://www.thelunaticgene.com/

Or Purchase it on Amazon

If you want access to me and practical exercises of how you can stop fighting with your Lunatic Gene and start dancing with it, here is a link to my interactive video-ecourse



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