Thank You All; Gratitude and Heart Health on My 40th Birthday

Thank You All; Gratitude and Heart Health on My 40th Birthday.


Turning 40 in many ways was just another day. If anything, I have been feeling much younger lately. Spending time with my nephews has a knock on effect of making me think younger. Between this and my recent detox my energy levels have been very good indeed lately. This has increased my heart health and set me up very nicely for my 40th birthday.



The thing that I really hadn’t accounted for was the overwhelming surge of people who wished me a happy birthday. Many offering some wonderful messages that went straight to my heart and proved great for my energy, health and wellbeing. My phone has been buzzing all day with calls and messages from my friends and family, I have met my mum, dad, sister and nephews as well as a good few friends and made a few new friends at the morning networking breakfast at St Albans Chamber of Commerce.


All in all, today has been a magical one for me and I owe it to everyone who interacted with me today.


If you are one of those people then know that you have made an invaluable contribution to my heart health and wellbeing and done something very special. My time as a nurse was enough to show me that it is the most minute details that often make the biggest difference: the odd smile to a random stranger, the art of pure listening or taking a few seconds to acknowledge someone on their birthday.


From the bottom of my heart I thank everyone who had any sort of interaction with me today.


You are amazing.





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