How Was Your 2016?

What sort of 2016 did you have?


Between reflections of how the world has changed so dramatically in a single year, the usual spate of celebrity deaths, and navigating your own personal challenges last year, how has that affected you? From reading through my social media updates, a lot of attention and energy has been focussed on negatives last year.


Add the usual Christmas weight gain, family challenges and pressure of new year’s resolutions (if you are into that) and the pressure on you could well be mounting.


Has the world gone mad?


Between the Brexit fallout, the US Presidential election, the tragedy of Jo Cox, and the media spotlight on the growing array of not so pleasant people who could kill us at anytime, 2016 has been an interesting one to say the least. What have you taken out of last year?


It is a sad and sobering fact that you could die any day, and death is certain. However, life is optional.


Will you spend your life worrying about things you have no control of, people you have never met, and things that may never happen?


Or will you do your best to look after yourself a little bit better, focus on what you can change, and feel better? Often it is this little shift in awareness to changing what you can, that can make all the difference. I work with people on this.


What qualifies me to help you?


A lifetime of listening to, and working with those going through physical and mental health challenges, and the reflections and regrets of those facing imminent death, who I have also helped to reach a more peaceful passing.



Now I write and talk about The Lunatic Gene, and how you can positively focus yours.


The Lunatic Gene is the part of you that gets mad every now and again. Whether you are drawn to some not so healthy places, which can sometimes be fun, or you feel driven to change the world when the voices of doubt start, I can help you to accept your quirks, the lunacy in your life, and to change the things that you do have control over, in a way that suits you.



There is a simple test to discover whether you have The Lunatic Gene: Do you breathe? If the answer is yes, and you are not a transcendental being hiding in human form to show us all the path to light, then you have The Lunatic Gene.



I can help you to make sense of yours, meet some good people, and with your permission, be just a little bit happier with your life.


If you want to increase your chances of having a better 2017, join me at one of my events and I will help you to explore this.


If you would like invites to events, and simple suggestions on how to make your life a little bit better without too much effort, you are welcome to sign up for my newsletter at


Disclaimer: If you are a sandwich or two short of the full picnic, this may not help you


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