Use Your Walking Time To Attract More Money, Success, and Happiness

Get Happier, More Successful, and More Energised Quickly With This Easy To Follow Audio Download and E-Book Supplement

Are You Looking for an Easy Answer to Feeling Better on Your Way to Work?

“The Active Energy System is deceptively simple, yet amazingly powerful. I find it easy to understand and have been able to make positive changes in my life as a result. While walking with the audio download I felt on top of the world and felt I was radiating energy”
Ceri Baldi, Occupational Therapist, Solihul Care Trust

What you need to know about the Active Energy System…

  • It accompanies you when you walk to set your day up better
  • Through an mp3 download you can listen to it via your phone anytime you like
  • You are not required to give anything up
  • Improve your mood, motivation and happiness easily
  • A bit of fun will be involved

The Active Energy System is the difference between knowing what you need to do and actually doing it.

When you are ready to reduce your stress and increase your resilience, this can help you.

The Method

Imagine having a step-by-step guide to help you to feel better, get more of what you want in life by giving up nothing and having to take no time out of your day. A system where all of your habits that you currently feel may not be so good can be balanced.

What if, once you had learned this process, it enabled you to:

  • Feel better, whilst taking NO time out of your day
  • Lose unwanted weight and keep it off, with NO diets and NO gyms involved
  • Access a technique that you could pass on to your loved ones to help them with their health issues
  • Have more motivation, focus and insight into your life
  • Guide you on a better life adventure

We all know that without our health, nothing else matters.

Unfortunately, many people, despite knowing this, do nothing about it until it’s too late. Finding time for your health may be an issue. Fortunately, The Active Energy System fits into your life, allowing you to use your daily activity time more productively(walking to work, walking your dog, shopping, working out, running or working around the house.)  This easy to follow set of steps will give you real tools to easily improve your mood, focus and motivation.


“I have found The Active Energy System to be very beneficial. It’s a great way to combine personal development with exercise…This product encourages you to slow down, notice more around you and feel gratitude.”
Trevor Aird, Public Speaking Trainer,Inner Zest


How It Works

Please note that if you already healthy and living a wonderful life, this product may not be so necessary. You need not invest in The Active Energy System. You may well be shocked at just how easy the suggestions are, wondering why you didn’t just think to do this on your own in the first place.



Full, no quibble 100% money back guarantee, if you use this product for 60 days and do not feel any benefit from it then I will refund your money.


The Active Energy System can be your sat-nav to better health, better relationships and a better life.


You Will Learn:

  • How To Take More Control Of Your Life
  • How To Increase Your Motivation
  • How To Raise Your Energy
  • How To Enjoy A Better Quality Of Life
  • How To Improve Your Relationships
  • Reduce your stress
  • Increase your happiness and motivation


“We are often so busy living our lives that we often fail to live in the moment. In a fascinating insight into his concept, Adam Shaw’s Active Energy System takes us on a personal journey of self-discovery and enlightenment that everyone CAN relate to.”
Stuart Brooks, Managing Director at Blackbird Communications

  • Active Energy System e-book (Value £6.00)
  • 10 minute audio introduction  (Value  £47.00)
  • 54 minute First Steps audio download      (Value  £100.00)
  • 22 minute Advanced Steps audio download     (Value  £100.00)
  • 16 part bonus video e-course  (Value £200.00)
  • Newsletter Updates To Energise Your Life (£100.00)
  • Total Value of product    (£447.00)
  • Yours for just One Guaranteed Investment  £47.00

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