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An Interesting Start In Life

My parents were both Psychiatric nurses so I grew up within the grounds of the hospital they worked in. My curiosity into human interaction was sparked at a very young age, when I witnessed the various behaviour of the residents of the psychiatric hospital I grew up in, many of whom wandered down to my family home, looking for cigarettes. Such experiences have cultivated my sense of humour, which I believe is an essential business and life tool. Being surrounded by lunacy in my former years was my preparation for the sometimes crazy world that we live in.

After 2 years in catering and another 2 years in banking, I started my nurse training in 1992, via my second year working as a counsellor at American Summer Camps. Since then I have worked in 4 continents, always enjoying adventure and discovery of new places, people and cultures.

I started my nurse training as a fit young man with a desire to help others feel good. At the time I was a part-time fitness instructor, exercising 6 days a week. A total of 10-15 hours of full-out exercise a week. Within one year of nurse training, I was drinking, smoking and learning about how drugs can help with almost any health condition.

It was a curious start to my professional health career

Training teams and mentoring students in people skills, resilience and confidence has been a recurrent theme throughout all of my careers. Working with the ill and the dying during my time as a nurse made me question what really matters in life and in business. So many people only truly question the bigger picture meaning of their businesses and lives when it’s too late to do much about it.

Taking these lessons into my own life I decided to embark upon my bucket list in my twenties and thirties. I would save money working as a nurse for nine months and travel for the other three. During my career, I also worked as a manager in an Irish bar/restaurant in Koh Samui, Thailand for a while, and spent another year working and travelling Australia. When I reached my forties it was time to start life as an entrepreneur with no idea of what that meant or any training in business.

We all have The Lunatic Gene

From working with thousands of people with health and business challenges I believe there is a Lunatic Gene that can cause you temporary insanity. This causes some people to go on and change the world, doing incredible things that many did not believe were possible. However, it causes others to not fare quite so well. They often end up in hospital.

This usually starts with thinking about things that are not working in business and life, this usually leads to a stress response, which when repeated often can manifest in a health challenge. This often leads to a decrease in motivation, productivity and enjoyment of work and life.

It could start with drinking too much alcohol, smoking too much or eating poor food choices. It also causes people to enter or stay in relationships where they know they won’t be happy, put other people’s happiness before their own consistently, or agree to things they simply don’t want to do. If left unaddressed this can often manifest in physical pain, depression, headaches, sleeplessness, hypertension, diabetes heart attacks and cancer (to name a few). At stages of my life, I have experienced many of these symptoms, and now I help others to understand how to channel seeming lunacy into its most beneficial manifestation.

Time after time these symptoms presented in people I spoke to with acute illness. It was especially prevalent with business owners and employees who had stopped loving their businesses and lives. Whilst some people become ill because of this, others learn how to channel their Lunatic Gene into making incredible things happen. When harnessed and properly focussed The Lunatic Gene is the trait that makes outstanding performers, leaders and entrepreneurs.

The Heart Guy

I have helped thousands of people with physical and mental health challenges. My role is often to get to the heart of the issue. This varies wildly from person to person. Life and experience has taught me this. Most people struggle with the head/heart battle that can occur. I help people to connect to their heart through mentoring, speaking and training experiences.

My former careers as a waiter, chef, banker and fitness instructor are married with over 6 years of overseas travel, visiting more than 30 countries, in 6 different continents

I have a keen sense of adventure has led me to witness riots, flash floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and parties with Witch Doctors. I have been lost in a jungle, faced local tribesmen running towards me with a machete and been pursued by potential robbers on a moped, armed with an AK-47. This has led me to believe that the human body is capable of exceptional feats when the prospect of death becomes a reality. I was a little bit foolish in my former years!

I have worked with hundreds of people at the end of their lives to make sense of them

I make no judgements about anyone doing anything as long as it does not harm others or the planet. I also believe we all have The Lunatic Gene. At the height of discovering my Lunatic Gene traits, I was adventuring around the world to some of the most dangerous places I could find to see them for myself. This has led to a few brushes with death and an enhanced appreciation of life.

I can help you if you are looking to:
  • Sleep better
  • Feel better
  • Have more energy
  • Make sense of your life by seeing the bigger picture of it

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