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Since as long as I can remember, I’ve questioned my reason to be here. Our current world crisis has made me rethink my entire business, life and purpose on the planet. Now I help you to question yours to help your business to grow and get funded. 

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I have always had a taste for something new and continued challenge. This trait has led me onto many different paths. From a career spanning catering, banking, counselling, nursing, training, networking and funding, to a keen sense of adventure that has seen me spend over 6 years overseas in 6 different continents, where I lived and worked in 4 of them.

New experiences, innovations and challenges have always been a part of my DNA.

Since the world Covid crisis started it made me spend a lot of time reflecting on how I want to spend my remaining time on this planet and the answer was ultimately: to do some good and make the world a better place. I do this by advising and connecting people on their business and funding journies.

I do this through working with visionary entrepreneurs to help them position their businesses to attract funding. I  pitch training and working with a global network of investors, who I profile to find the best fit for them and how they like to be approached.

My time sitting on investment panels and assessing pitches for funding has shown me the big mistakes that people make when approaching investors; which I steer my clients away from.

Now I work with CEO’s with ideas which connect communities in a meaningful way or do some good for the planet. 

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